Infermental 6

Vancouver, Canada, 1987
59 contributions, 25 countries, 6 hours

Editors Vera Bódy / Hank Bull
Supervisor Gérard Couty

This is the first edition of Infermental to be produced outside Europe. The intention from the beginning was to make it the most international survey to date. We wanted to make a video map of the world. Not a map to draw national borderlines, but one to chart personal mythologies, poetics, and the response to mass media and computers. The editors would accept the terrain as they found it and fit the fragments together like pieces of a puzzle in the search to discover new relationships, tendencies, perhaps new ways of thinking.
We sent out 3,000 invitations and received over 300 replies, enough to produce three editions! As we viewed all these tapes we established very open, subjective contexts. These contexts act as prisms for splitting and diffracting ideas into different groups. Their names relate directly to the tactile sense of video. You will get a better sense of them from looking as the tapes than from reading about them in this book.
(Hank Bull)