Infermental 3

Budapest, Hungary, 1983/84
99 contributions, 18 countries, 6 hours

Editors Péter Forgács / László Beke
Co-editors Malgorzata Potocka / Peter Hutton / Egon Bunne
Supervisor Rotraut Pape
Production secretary Zoltán Bonta

For us Hungarians the third issue of Infermental was of particular importance; for the first time the Hungarians, yes, in general, the eastern European artists took part in a larger number on a video undertaking of international scale. Naturally, in a land of middle technological development a video culture could only take place relative late, and even today we can only list 5-6 names that have access to video installations on a regular basis. That, finally, Infermental 3 could list among its 100 authors, 22 Hungarians, 5 Polish, 1 Rumanian and 1 Yugoslavian participant, is due to the principle of the video magazine which not only concerns itself with video art but also cinematographie in general (it also informs us about 35, 16 and 8mm films). We should also not loose track of the fact that the Budapest Béla Balázs film studio financed and organized the publication, furthermore, that the idea of Infermental was born in Hungary and that its founder and driving force was a Budapest film-maker, Gábor Bódy.
(László Beke)