Infermental 1

Berlin/West, Germany, 1982
37 contributions, 8 countries, 4 hours

Editors Gábor Bódy / Astrid Heibach
Supervisor Gusztáv Hámos

The first publication of INFERMENTAL-MAGAZINE today has hardly lost its zest and intensity. Perhaps we could do without a demonstration of experimental invention, a pure documentation of a performance, or the trailer of a feature film which only uses the pictures to illustrate a prefabricated world-view. But apart from the fact that the thinking continues to come from below, the trust in the power to copy from pictures (the tones, the “speech”) something which they have in common, something of their own (new) structure, remains fresh and inviting. The Odenbach and Bódy of 1978 are also expressive today, even more expressive than at the time of the “Conversation between East and West”. Because the movement of information and the fermentation that was generated by the INFERMENTAL-VIDEOS has in the mean – time gained energy the movement has long since gone beyond the magazine.
(Dietrich Kuhlbrodt)